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800m above is our limits!
rulezpeeps, the organic outdoor style.

"rulezpeeps" began as an outdoor wear brand to 800m altitude in the ocean side of Kamogawa, Chiba in 2003. Its meaning is "best friends" and its ideals are based upon the thought that "nature, the people from the world, and even animals are one, and are all our best friends, too". Here, there is a lot of rich nature, the ocean, mountains and rivers. Because "rulzpeeps" clothes were born in such a place, we became more natural. We pursue comfort, robustness, originality and minimum function so as not to disturb the movement of the body as outdoor wear, while using hemp, organic cotton or recycled material which do not risk load for the natural environment as much as possible. Furthermore, we aim at manufacturing that values love and humor, too.

Then, we had moved our base for all manufacture from China to the domestic factories last year. It was a difficult work as if we strated a new brand again. But we are sure this was a indispensable decision for us and our products to take a step toward new levels of creation.

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